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Welcome to Sweet Greys

African Grey Parrots

We now have Congo & Eclectus babies available.

I am a small in-home breeder. We are located in Port Huron Michigan. We breed African Grey Congo's & Timneh's, & Eclectus in a Closed Aviary visited regularly by Doc Scott McDonald. All of our birds are raised in warmth & safety of our home. They all have large parrot cages & toys. Full Spectrum Lighting & Air cleaners for fresh air. My babies are all parent raised for about 21 days until I start the hand raising.

My Goals

First is to feed my flock the best nutrition possible.To have the healthiest adult parrots & babies. All my parrots are fed mostly fresh foods tying to mimic what they would eat in the wild. Organic Fruit & Vegetables. Red Palm Oil. Greens Kale, Swiss Chad, Dandelion. Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Barley Grass, & Wheat Grass. Beans.& Sprouts. They are also fed Goldenfeast Parrot Food. Which I think is the very best food for all Parrot. Check out my new store All Parrot Products. We have everything 4 parrots 4 less to SAVE MONEY on all your Parrot Food & Supplies. There's a link at the bottom of the page.

Second is to raise happy babies that know no fear. Babies that love & trust all people. I give the love & the time to all babies so they can live a stress free life.All babies are hand fed abundance weaned & fully fledged before going to their new family.

African Greys & Eclectus are a very sensitive, cautious, and intelligent parrots. This wonderful quality is what makes them such wonderful pets. But also makes them vulnerable to the effects of poor hand raising techniques, poor socialization and poor weaning techniques. If the baby has not been properly socialized, fully fledged, and abundance weaned. They will show a tendency toward insecure behavior. Plucking or screaming even biting. I can't stress enough the difference this will make in the life of the parrot. I take great pride in raising the happiest & healthiest babies available anywhere.

Third is to find the best loving family homes. And help educate the new family on proper feeding & safety. And how to keep a happy family pet that will love the whole family.

Please never buy an unweaned baby it is not true that you need to wean a baby yourself to develop a strong bond with the baby. You can buy an unweaned baby or partially weaned baby for less money, but will end up with a problem child or most likely a dead parrot. This is the hardest time in a Parrots life and should always be left up to an experienced breeder. Babies in the hands of a devoted expert will have the best pet potential.

Join us on Facebook where you can find the latest pictures like us and be the first to know when babies are available.

Be sure to check out All Parrot Products on Facebook it's a great place to find all your parrot supplies.

Thank you for visiting.

If I can be of any help please call. Lori 810-531-6207



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